Chuck Prophet

In writing on what he was currently listening to in 2004, Stephen King (that's right, Stephen King), wrote of Chuck's tune "Rise": "What does this song mean? I have no idea. But it's lovely, incantatory and mysterious.

In an industry filled with heroin-shaped prima donnas and blood-leeching businessmen, Chuck Prophet is a thorn tree. He's a thorn tree in the gardens of a game that he's played and that's played him; ultimately refusing to give up on what makes him breathe: rock and roll.

As a member of Green On Red, the seminal cosmic country rock band he spent 8 years and as many albums playing and touring the world. Playing and singing and writing like a musical time bomb, he kept himself alive long enough to find crack cocaine, the drug that brought him to his knees. He's been clean ever since. They say 'cleanliness is next to godliness' but one can't be so sure when measuring Chuck's manic activities. The recording of Chuck's latest record has incurred him a smashed car windshield and, at last count, 27 parking tickets.

Whatever it is you call what he’s doing. He’s drawn to it like a moth to flame, like a razor to the vein. He can't live without it and has never quite figured out how to live within it. Chuck says of his LP "Soap and Water", "People start making records to flatter themselves. I've got nothing to lose. I'm just now getting good."

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