On their new EP, “Chime," San Francisco surf rock quintet Sandy’s sound like Big Star in Big Sur. Glassy open tunings are buoyed by tom-heavy drum fills, anchored by Lesh-esque busy basslines, and soaked in resonant moog flourishes.

Vocalists Alexi Glickman and Dave Muller sing about seeing God while tripping, losing their souls to their phones, and the 80-foot blue whale that washed up at their home surf break.

Part art happening, part recording session, Chime was recorded live by the band in Glickman’s seaside cabin over a long weekend.

Inspired part by Alexi's stint drumming and recording for Little Wings, and also by the films of Christopher Guest, Glickman laid out loose framework of chords and melody, and let his intrepid cast do the rest.

“Kyle’s live shows remind me of Christopher’s movies. “You can feel when the cast is having fun, when it's awkward, when they’ve lost the plot—everything you see is authentic— is really happening. I wanted to make a record like that. I wanted to capture as much spontaneous magic as I could— and it meant really laying off trying to control the process,” recalls Glickman.

The result is a record dripping with vibe.

“We didn’t talk about it at the time, but I think despite the idyllic setting, there was a darkness we were wrestling with that weekend. I wanted to hold onto that when I was writing the lyrics— to really make the sunny parts pop against this backdrop of this creeping foreboding."

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