Michael Musika

Michael Musika is a musician, performer, and writer. If you ever get close enough to look into his eyes it feels like looking off the edge of a cliff, and you need to look away before you want to because you feel dizzy, and you’re ancestors are screaming "you’re a fool!” But you know, he doesn’t want what most people want. I mean, he actually is strange you know? It’s not an act. Not strange like he thinks god’s phone number is inside of a snail shell, or he has to walk home from the beach with an empty bottle of laundry detergent tied to his ankle with a rope if it’s Tuesday. I mean he wants to work. He likes music. He likes figuring out problems. He sees someone is beautiful, or courageous, and he wants to explain why. He doesn’t want to keep them forever and ever next to him and at the grocery store.

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