Bill Baird

more interesting translation of Bio:

My name is Bill Baird. I am music composer, more than once. I also do music videos, television writing direct access public space funny / silly hair, tipografik device drivers, the chance to teach, and from mob. I am now in KC Mills College in Auckland, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in electronic music.

Focus on practical sympathetic echo - amplification, recontextualizion, and manipulation of existing vibration or audio or video. I find great beauty in visualation data import / export and radio, and optical data sonification science / information. My video work has focused much of interaction recently. Exploring the concept of sonorite sympathetic when installing art sound, computer programs, musical instruments, and music composition.

I like where only the music and my life in general. For those familiar with the "special position" shows a part of the uncertainty. And unique space between the two countries.

Is it dangerous or not? Why repeat this agreement? What is thought?

For me, this time of uncertainty is the most exciting time in their lives. Generate new ideas. Society is moot. Basically, I was able to create a process that in the end really led the Crown's actions. I created my system scan, I do not know what will happen later. It is, big fiasco spontaneous and immediate, and sometimes you can finish. Risk is worth the reward.

I am sure that I mentioned, but ... Joke is, to me, is important, even if the job is very important. Street is transcendental.

Gal scores for many movies, and recorded for many labels, I made up for all different types and sizes of groups, world, played in movies and books and albums published number. For more information, see the long list of big business.

Thank you for your interest.

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